"A major problem in the local church today is lack of leadership. Simply put, we have more needs than we have leaders to meet those needs. So, how do we train better leaders faster?"

The truth is, very few churches really have a well-thought-out leadership development plan. Growth requires continually adding healthy new leaders, who carry the church culture forward and embody its core values. Everyone knows it, but how do we achieve it?

In Empowering Leadership, author and leadership consultant Michael Fletcher says leaders like this can't simply be bought, nor can they be hired from someone else's leadership assembly line. Developing leaders at every level, to create an environment that attracts potential leaders, and to build better leaders faster, an organization needs more than a pipeline. It needs a culture that develops leaders organically.

  • “I've watched Michael Fletcher's ministry for a long time and one of his greatest traits is that he isn't just a great leader. He isn't just a leader who develops great leaders. He's a great leader who makes great leaders who make great leaders. "Empowering Leadership" is a book I can't wait to share with a lot of friends.”

    Dino Rizzo Church of the Highlands
    Dino Rizzo
  • “As a pastor of a fast growing, multi-site church, it is imperative that we understand the importance of making disciples. Fletcher hits on the point that if we truly believe that the church is a movement of people and not a building, then one of the most important things we can do is pour into our people, empowering leaders based on Jesus' example. I would recommend Empowering Leadership to anyone launching a church, pastoring a church or even for personal leadership development. Fletcher's teaching is scripturally sound and will prove to be incredibly valuable to your organization.”

    Joby Martin Lead Pastor, The Church of Eleven22
    Joby Martin
  • “Michael Fletcher’s Empowering Leadership is the simple, profound, Biblical solution to the nation-wide leadership crisis. How is this realized? By creating a leadership pipe-line in the DNA of the local church. Where does such a leadership pipe-line begin? Michael answers this question by sharing his own journey and drawing us into the right, hard work of taking those around us and developing them to their full potential. Simple, profound, Biblical and often over looked. Otherwise known as discipleship.”

    Jerry Daley Veteran Church Planter
    Jerry Daley
  • “We have all seen books on leadership written by people who have not done what they urge others to do. Michael Fletcher is different. He has actually built the leadership culture he describes in this essential book. In Empowering Leadership, he gives us the hard-won lessons of his leadership life, and with them we can lead as Michael has led and change our generation in the process.”

    Stephen Mansfield, Ph.D. New York Times Bestselling Author
    Stephen Mansfield, Ph.D.
  • “From church janitor to megachurch pastor, God has used Michael to raise up countless ministry leaders from the house, for the house, for the world, and for God's Kingdom. This book is the story of how that happened and how God could use you in the same way. This could change everything for your church. Everything.”

    Shawn Lovejoy Founder & CEO, CourageToLead.com; Author of "Be Mean About The Vision"
    Shawn Lovejoy

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